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Obtaining the grant of representation only

As a Personal Representative of the deceased, you may wish to seek our professional assistance obtaining the Grant of Representation only.  Once we obtain the Grant of Representation on your behalf, we will hand over to you to complete the Administration of the Estate.


We offer a free, initial, no-obligation consultation. Having completed our fact-finding exercise, we will offer you a fixed-fee quote for our services.


If you need assistance applying for a Grant of Representation, we offer:


  • Tax calculation with Probate Application: prices range from £1,300 to £2,300 + VAT, depending on complexity


  • Inheritance Tax return (IHT 400) with Probate Application: prices range from £2,300 to £3,300 + VAT, depending on complexity


In rare cases, where the estate involves contentious or unusually complex circumstances, our fees may exceed the prices indicated above.  When we come across such circumstances unexpectedly, we will contact you to discuss the situation and the cost implications, and take instructions from you. We will charge for the extra work on an hourly rate basis and keep you informed about the costs as the matter progresses.


Please note that our fees do not include disbursements, for example the statutory court fees, which we will pay on your behalf and charge back to you.


We do not offer the Grant of Representation Only service in cases where there is Inheritance Tax to pay on the Estate.


This service does not include liaising with asset holders and creditors; we will request information regarding assets and liabilities directly from the Personal Representatives.