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How We Work

You can log in to monitor the progress of your case via our app. This means you are involved, in touch and in control. You can log in at any time and get a real time update of progress. 

Buying & Selling Property

We are one of the south west’s leading conveyancing firms, and have helped thousands of people successfully navigate the legal side of moving home, from first time buyers to large property developers. We help homebuyers by rigorously researching potential issues with the home they plan to buy, preempting problems before they arise, and help sellers with our proactive and cost-efficient approach. 

Administration of estates

We advise on the legal and tax issues arising from the death of somebody who has passed without a valid will, or when the nominated executors in a valid will cannot administer the estate themselves. We also assist individuals who wish to administer an estate, but need support securing a grant of probate. Partner Simon Vaile is a specialist contested probate lawyer, acting for clients when there is a dispute as to the gifting intentions of the deceased. 

Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

A poorly-drafted will can cost the intended beneficiaries thousands of pounds in legal challenges. As a specialist probate firm, we understand how to draft clear, robust, and challenge-proof wills that provide peace of mind to you and your family. We act as a certificate provider for LPAs at a fixed fee, giving you further reassurance that your health and financial affairs are taken care of by somebody that you trust. 

Inheritance Tax Planning

After understanding your assets and retirement and gifting goals, we advise on which of the many mechanisms you can use to legally reduce your inheritance tax, avoid care home fees, and pass on your pension savings to your family tax-free. Inheritance Tax is usually charged at 40% on anything above your nil rate band, meaning that the cost of our advice is typically a fraction of the potential savings. 

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