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A single fixed interest will

This type of Will allows you to :

  • Name the people or charities that you want to inherit your assets when you die
  • Make gifts of money or specific items on your death
  • Choose your executors
  • Name a legal guardian for your children under the age of 18


What is included ?


  • We will meet face-to-face in one of our offices, or over a secure Microsoft Teams videoconference, and ask about your family circumstances, your asset base  and what you would like to achieve with your Will.
  • We can offer home visits for an added fee of £150 + VAT to any destination within ten miles of one of our offices.



  • Advice on what kind of Will best suits you


We will advise on how to ensure that your Will is safe from possible claims on your estate after you die. We will explain what property you can leave by your Will, and what you can’t. We can advise you on how to choose your executors and help you to find solutions if there doesn’t seem to be an obvious choice. We can also advise you on how best to make gifts to members of a group rather than to named individuals, such as your godchildren or any charities benefitting a particular cause.




  • Drafting your Will


We will write your Will using modern legal Will writing conventions, dispensing with unnecessary legal jargon while also ensuring that the Will can be accurately interpreted after your death. This will eliminate any confusion in the administration of your estate and ensures that your wishes are carried out, irrespective of who ultimately interprets and executes your Will.


  • Providing you with a written explanation, in plain English, of the terms of your Will


We ensure that you are comfortable with what your Will does, and confident that it achieves what you want it to. In addition to providing you with a copy of your Will itself, we will also produce a document that explains each of the legal provisions and their intended effect for your peace of mind.



  • An additional meeting to witness and supervise the execution of your Will


As your Will is a legal document, there are certain formalities which must be respected to make sure that the Will is valid. One of these involves the way the Will is signed, in the presence of appropriate, independent witnesses.

If you would prefer to arrange for the signing and witnessing yourself, then we will advise on the necessary steps. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit any of our offices, where members of our team will act as witnesses to the signing of the Will, at no additional cost.


  • Providing secure storage for your Will


You can be confident that the original document is safe and available for your executors, even if your own copy has been lost or accidentally destroyed. We will store both a hard copy of the original Will and keep a scanned copy on our secure cloud-based computer system.


  • Providing you with copies of your signed Will for your records